Weed for Period Pain? Yes, But I Want Equity in the Marijuana Industry Too

April 21, 2016

Last month, Vanity Fair announced that Whoopi Goldberg is co-launching a line of cannabis (marijuana) products in April that will provide holistic alternatives for menstrual cramps. Yes, you read that correctly.

As a Black woman of reproductive age who uses cannabis daily, I was excited to hear about Goldberg’s venture, especially as someone whose uterus has seen an abortion and a myomectomy (a surgery to remove fibroids), and who currently manages symptomatic fibroids once or twice a month.

But I also have questions.

How will Goldberg and her business partner help to expand access to all of the people who suffer during menstruation?

And can Goldberg’s influence create more opportunities for other Black people who have always been invested in cannabis but who have struggled against stigma and fear of criminalization?


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Feature image by Carlos Garcia/Flickr