Building power for New Mexico families.

Strong Families New Mexico (SFNM), a program of Forward Together, brings together organizations and activists statewide to build strong communities and create policies that work for our families.

Strong Families New Mexico started in 2012. Each year we grow into a more powerful force for statewide and local policy change. SFNM builds leaders and is growing a base of supporters in Bernalillo, McKinley, Doña Ana and Rio Arriba Counties. We are working to ensure that all families have the rights, recognition and resources they need to thrive — from affordable and quality healthcare to safer neighborhoods to benefits for workers.

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Civic Engagement

Civic participation means getting everyday folks involved in the decisions that affect our families and communities. Election season is an especially important time for us to speak up, and there are many ways we can all get involved in the process, regardless of our citizenship status or whether we can vote.

Strong Families New Mexico coordinates year-round civic engagement to change policies and shift culture in New Mexico. We organize roundtables in communities where decision makers, organizations and families can come together to share their stories, offer ideas for change, and create solutions in collaboration with one another.


Each year, Strong Families New Mexico, along with our network of organizations and community leaders, is active during the New Mexico legislative session. We shorten the distance between decision makers and the communities who are most impacted by the decisions that are made at the state level.

For every legislative session, we organize legislative days and work with hundreds of community members who receive training and visit legislators in teams to educate them on the issues that impact their own families and communities.

Our Legislative Priorities

    • Healthcare for All NM Families: For over 3 years, we have worked toward affordable, quality healthcare for every New Mexican. We help direct the NM Together for Healthcare Campaign and work with over 50 community leaders to find policy solutions to insure the 190,000 New Mexicans who have no healthcare coverage.
    • Access to Reproductive Healthcare: Each year we support legislation that protects or expands access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including abortion. We also work each year to defeat harmful reproductive health policies that decrease access to care.

New Mexico Campaigns

Strong Families New Mexico’s campaign work is built from conversations with communities throughout the state and addresses a range of issues from police accountability to healthcare access and more. SFNM, along with many allied organizations, lead on the following campaigns with communities throughout the state:

  • New Mexico Together for Healthcare is a campaign led by New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty, Partnership for Community Action, Strong Families New Mexico, Health Action New Mexico and healthcare leaders across the state to bring quality, affordable comprehensive healthcare to every New Mexican. Visit for more information.
  • Respect NM Women is a statewide culture shift campaign to move away from stigma faced by those who have decided to have an abortion. Lead by several organizations, this campaign is a home for advocates of women and families’ reproductive health access. Visit for more information.

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