Hair Discrimination in Oregon is Finally Illegal

March 9, 2022

I’m a high schooler in Portland, and have grown up in this city my whole life. When I learned that the CROWN Act passed in Oregon, I was relieved to know that it’s no longer legal to police Black students’ hair at school. I was only about nine years old when a coach told me I wouldn’t be allowed to play until my Mom took out the braids and beads she had worked so hard to style for me.

The CROWN act makes it illegal to discriminate against Black hair in schools or after-school activities. The law went into effect in January 2022.  We need school faculty, staff, referees and coaches all to know about this new protection – will you pledge to let your school community know about the CROWN Act? 

I’m an older sister, and I worry for my younger sibling that they might go through what I went through. Now that the CROWN Act is being implemented, let’s make sure our school communities know about and follow the law – and Black History Month is the perfect time to start.

Check out this CROWN Act Know Your Rights Guide and tell a teacher, coach, or someone else in your school community about the new law. 

Join me this month in ensuring we support Black students, and have a conversation with someone at your school about the CROWN Act.