Nice Guys Kill to Stay Nice: On the Weaponizing of Kindness and Why ‘Perfect Abusers’ Don’t Exist

December 10, 2019

“I don’t want to be like the other guys you met,” he said.

Flashback to two weeks ago: I met this guy who was so nice and cool, I would’ve popped my pussy right then and there. Honestly, it was never about wanting to fall in love, or wanting some long term relationship. I just wanted to laugh, be seen, vibe, and fuck. I wanted a connection that most cis-men struggle to create because there’s so much performance given to disguise the fact that they just want to fuck unceremoniously and leave. But I wasn’t looking for transactional, I wanted to feel like there was a possibility beyond long-term-forever-love and one-night-only-maybe-I’ll-cum-maybe-I-won’t-sex.

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