Domestic Violence is Not Just Physical

October 10, 2014

TMZ releasing the video of Ray Rice knocking out his then fiancé, now wife, Janay Palmer was catalyst for public discussions on domestic violence (DV), which can also be referred to as intimate partner violence (IPV).

However, these conversations are very narrow. They focus primarily on direct physical violence through a form of direct impact. Focusing the conversation on this very narrow impression of what DV/IPV is omits the different forms that DV/IPV can take which include but are not limited to emotional, economic, psychological, and sexual abuse. These forms of abuse are just as violent, hurtful, difficult to leave, and can be precursors to possible physical violence.

Love and Hip Hop star K. Michelle has stated various times that she was assaulted by her then partner, Memphitz. Some people believed her claims, while others did not because she was not “actually punched.” Recently Michelle took to her Instagram account to explain that although Memphitz did not directly punch her that she too is a survivor of domestic violence because of the violence and threats he directed at her.


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