A Vest That Moves People: A Q&A With Benita Ulisano of the Clinic Vest Project

January 20, 2015

As increasingly hostile anti-choice legislatures pass policies aimed at restricting women’s access to quality health care, the Clinic Vest Project is supporting the people who are on the front lines protecting patients’ ability to exercise their reproductive rights.

Benita Ulisano, who’s spent 20 years in the reproductive rights movement, including seven as a clinic escort, launched the project in 2013. It provides free vests and training materials for clinic escorts working outside of clinics that are unable to pay for such supplies across the United States and in Toronto.

RH Reality Check recently spoke with Ulisano about her work prior to starting the project, the effect of buffer zone legislation on clinic escorting, and how she hopes the project’s nonprofit status will enable it to help more people.


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