Why Democrats must debate abortion

Voters don’t live single-issue lives. Abortion sits at the intersection of gender, class, race, economics and immigration. It’s no longer acceptable for our political leaders to ignore the issue.

Illegal Abortions Onscreen: Depictions of a Pre-‘Roe’ World

In the generation since Roe was decided, some advocates have blamed young people’s complacency around abortion on fleeting historical memory. While we actively, emphatically dispute these claims of complacency, we acknowledge that—for some people in our generation—the reality of illegal abortion is, and hopefully will always be, secondhand.

Abortions without scandal

Aside from being a black woman living in Washington, D.C., with questionable taste in Republican men, there isn’t much I have in common with the fictional political problem solver. But in this episode, she portrayed much of how I felt about my abortion at 19.

Study Shows Dangers to Women Blocked from Seeking Abortion Care

Nationally, less than two percent of women attempt to self-induce an abortion before traveling to a clinic. But in Texas, the amount is significant in comparison to the population because the Black female population there is 1.8 million, more than 51 percent of the 3.5 million Blacks in the state, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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