New Mexico Healthcare Affordability Fund

This two-page fact sheet shares key findings and action items to bring down healthcare costs. Using a new funding source that is available in 2020, New Mexico has an unprecedented opportunity to boost enrollment in coverage and make healthcare insurance more affordable if New Mexico decision makers act now.

Recognizing All Families to Expand Our Movements

Everyone cares for a loved one at some point in their lives. The failure of laws in the United States to both support family caregiving and recognize the rich variety of families is a major shortcoming. Fortunately, advocates have been increasingly successful in the fight to guarantee paid leave and expand legal conceptions of who constitutes “family.”

The Road to Reproductive Justice

The majority of Americans believe that a full range of reproductive healthcare, including abortion should be legal. Too often, this reality is clouded by myths about who does and does not support access to abortion care. Recent research about attitudes of rural New Mexicans breaks down those assumptions.

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