Black Storytellers Are Disrupting Mainstream Media

Celebrating and continuing the legacy of Ida B. Wells

Echoing Ida

On the birthday of Ida B. Wells, a civil rights journalist and activist, and at time when mainstream media continues to paint falsities of Black communities, a collective of Black women and nonbinary storytellers announce its 2019 cohort of truth tellers. 

A program of Forward Together, Echoing Ida brazenly disrupts oppressive narratives and seeds a world where we can thrive. This year’s Ida’s will create podcasts, think pieces, and articles navigating various issues that affect Black communities including, reproductive justice, immigration, sexuality, technology, LGBTQ dynamics, and many other relevant topics. 

Echoing Ida’s foremother Ida B. Wells once said, “The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.”  Echoing Ida writers are doing just that. On her 157th birthday, Echoing Ida writers are continuing her radical legacy by writing the stories that build movements and save lives.

Meet the 2019 Echoing Ida Cohort 

*Kemi Alabi, Echoing Ida Program Manager released the following statement: 

“Our media cycle gets stuck debating whether racist, sexist policies are racist, sexist policies. Meanwhile, our communities stay under attack. We deserve better media. As we head into the 2020 elections, we can’t afford to ignore Black women and nonbinary writers. Any solution that ignores our voices aren’t real solutions at all. The 2019-2020 Echoing Ida cohort will use its deep expertise – on everything from abortion to incarceration to disability – to shape the stories that help us build a more just world.”

Kemi is available to speak with press. Please contact ChaKiara Tucker at 404.771.0290 or

Read some of the new cohort’s work 

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