Who is the Body Positivity Movement Leaving Behind?

If you Google body positive, most of the images show white folks — even the cartoons. When spreading the message of body positivity, we have to be sure that we are including the voices of people of color. As a fat Black woman, this piece for me is very important. When fighting against body terrorism and oppression, we have to address racism and its impact on people’s self-esteem and body image.

Pretty Hurts: The Impact of Beauty Standards

here are so many stereotypes and societal expectations surrounding beauty and intelligence – expectations that make people believe that a beautiful person cannot be intelligent and that intelligent people aren’t attractive. Growing up, because I was a straight-A student, no one expected me to wear stylish clothes or be attractive in general.

I was a fat, dark-skinned black girl with a kinky hair texture, and if I weren’t smart, I wouldn’t have had much going for me in the eyes of most folks. I felt like the whole world was telling me that, because my body was neither desired nor wanted, my only contribution to society could be through my academic successes.

Unapologetically Owning the Stereotypes and Nuances of Me

As a Black, queer, fat woman, I’m constantly aware of how I navigate most spaces. I’m constantly determining whether I can talk about my girlfriend. I’m constantly wondering whether I can eat what and how I want. And I’m constantly aware of how I’m speaking, from my tone to the words that I’m saying.

You are Enough: A Love Letter to Young Me

In honor of International Women’s Day, YouTube launched the global initiative #DearMe, a compilation of women on YouTube sharing words of wisdom with their younger selves. So, in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, I have been inspired to write a love letter to my younger self.

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