Woman in bra and panties examining herself in mirror, via hopeforwomenmag.com

Bad Picture Monday: Loving Yourself Right Now

July 15, 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words: An old saying that many of us recognize. So I would love to know what our selfies say.

For most of us, selfies mean our best photos. And, most times, taking a great selfie is a full-on production. You have to find the right angle, the right lighting, and the right caption.

I have perfected my selfies over time. My best angle is a slight tilt, but not a full-on profile. I prefer natural lighting, but white lighting works as well. I go for a closed-mouth smile, with pursed lips adorned in typically pink or red lipsticks. It’s my own personal tried-and-true formula for my best and favorite selfies. When I don’t follow this model, I’m more than likely just gonna delete the photo and try again.

But why?

Why do I go through all of this work for a picture of myself? What’s wrong with posting a photo straight on in horrible lighting? Photos not using the formula that I created for myself are usually the most honest portrayals of what I look like. Why is that considered bad?


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