Why Pastors Should Talk About Contraception from the Pulpit

April 14, 2015

As a member of the clergy, I’ve heard many sermons on a wide range of social and political topics, from voting and the problems of the prescription drug industry to unemployment to the latest outrageous statement from politicians.

One topic I haven’t heard? Safe and affordable access to contraception and birth control.

It makes perfect sense that Black churches would speak about this specific reproductive issue, because for Black women, reproductive health disparities are stark. Black women are the most likely to deliver children who won’t live to see their first birthday.  Black women are also more likely to experience unintended pregnancies than their White counter parts due to poverty. We are also more likely to experience unintended pregnancies, and family planning is a biggest predictor of the health of the mother and the child, and is key in decreasing the high infant mortality rate.

The bottom line? Safe, affordable access to contraceptives and abortion and significantly help a pastor’s community.


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