‘Waking Hour’ Explores How Messy Dating Can Be for Young Trans Women

May 15, 2019

At a non-descript party rife with red Solo cups and 20-something exuberance, Waking Hourprotagonist Sofia meets a charming and sexy would-be suitor named Isaac. She quickly racks her brain trying to determine his intentions for the night. Is it just a physical vibe or could there be something more? And if she already has all of these questions, when and how will she ever tell him that’s she’s a transgender woman?

Over the course of 11 minutes, trans Latina actor and self-taught filmmaker Nava Mau takes viewers on a journey through the varying degrees of desire and the precariousness of rejection when dating while trans in her debut short film. Powered by a crowdfunded micro-budget (accrued by 134 donors) and numerous volunteers, when Waking Hour was released earlier this year it defied odds and garnered acclaim. And in March, the film was selected by Outfest Fusion for the Latinx and Chill shorts program.

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