Oregon 101 Community Education Timeline

The Oregon 101 visual timeline covers the resistance of communities, policies and programs that helped or harmed immigrant and refugee communities, and access to reproductive justice. This timeline helps participants learn about Oregon ballot measures that would target access to abortion, immigrant communities and communities of color. The timeline includes a trainer script and all materials necessary for organizations to conduct the workshop on their own. Download or preview the toolkit below.

Recognizing All Families to Expand Our Movements

Everyone cares for a loved one at some point in their lives. The failure of laws in the United States to both support family caregiving and recognize the rich variety of families is a major shortcoming. Fortunately, advocates have been increasingly successful in the fight to guarantee paid leave and expand legal conceptions of who constitutes “family.”

The Road to Reproductive Justice

The majority of Americans believe that a full range of reproductive healthcare, including abortion should be legal. Too often, this reality is clouded by myths about who does and does not support access to abortion care. Recent research about attitudes of rural New Mexicans breaks down those assumptions.

Implementing RHEA

During the fight to pass OR’s Reproductive Health Equity Act in 2017, Forward Together and APANO were concerned by anti-abortion legislators stereotyping Asian communities. This fact sheet shares how we can ensure racial profiling doesn’t end up in healthcare.

Transforming API Communities

Updated since passage of CA Healthy Youth Act in 2015, the Transforming API communities: Tools for Sexuality Education toolkit helps Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities feel prepared to engage in comprehensive sexuality education campaigns.

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