Photo credit: Jendella Benson

This clever woman is using art to erase the stigma of teenage motherhood

March 20, 2015

Jendella captures images of teenage mothers and their children to create change.

Jendella is a London-based photographer, filmmaker and writer who grew up around many teen mothers and observed how these young parents, some who were her friends, lived a life that was in complete contrast to what society says young mothers are.

These young mothers were going to school, taking care of their children, working and carrying on with life like most parents do, however, one thing that was different was the amount of shame and stigma they faced solely because they had their children in their teenage years.

Jendella felt a need to share the stories of her friends to counter the negative and stereotypical views of young parenthood and thus Young Motherhood was born. Young Motherhood is a social documentary project that addresses the myths, harmful stereotypes and unhelpful, yet common, misconceptions that surround young mothers and their children in the UK.


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