The History of the Medical Industry’s Role in Oppression is Well Documented

November 26, 2019

Tyra Hunter. 1995. Dead after EMTs withdrew medical care upon realizing she was a transgender woman. Barbara Dawson. 2015. Dead from a blood clot in her lungs an hour after police forcibly removed her from a hospital where she was discharged. Dacheca Fleurimond. 2017. Dead a day after delivering twins due to a pulmonary embolism. Shalon Irving. 2017. Dead three weeks after giving birth from complications of high blood pressure.

These four names are far from a comprehensive list of Black women who have died due to anti-Blackness and (trans)misogynoir embedded within the medical industry. It takes less than twenty minutes to find their stories on Google with key phrases like: “Black woman dead discharge hospital”, “Black woman dead childbirth”,  and “Black woman wrongful hospital death”.

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