Prom King: A South Bronx-based nonprofit giving away swag and love

January 29, 2015

Evelyn started Prom King as a way to give professional clothing to young men in her community who needed it for life occasions. Her work has taken on a whole new life and continues to inspire many.
Evelyn Alvarez and I sat down to discuss the beginning of Prom King, how it has evolved and her visions for the future.

SheKnows: Why was Prom King started?

Evelyn Alvarez: I started Prom King for a multitude of reasons including the fact that I was a single mom of a young boy I was trying to afford quality clothing for and was not always able to. I was looking for nonprofits that helped young boys and I found very few of them. I also became increasingly aware of the uncomfortable assumption that if you are not a rich white male you are always on and only on the receiving end of help. This model is just is not true, black communities and specifically black men can and do help.


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