Dr. Cynthia R. Greenlee

Dr. Cynthia R. Greenlee is a writer and historian. A native Southerner, Cynthia has a master’s in journalism from the University of North Carolina and a doctorate in American history at Duke University. She specializes in African-American women’s and legal history of the late nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. She began her writing career with an unintelligible picture book at age 5, worked as a newspaper journalist and editor, and later in communications for international health organizations. Today, she writes historically informed pieces that connect the contemporary (and sometimes the personal) with current events and policies related to race, the arts and reproductive issues. She fundamentally believes that it is possible – and imperative – for academics to be socially and politically engaged. She is a founding board member of the Carolina Abortion Fund, a board member of NARAL Pro-Choice NC, and also on the board of National Advocates for Pregnant Women. Her writing has been published at the now-defunct Africana.comAmerican ProspectDissent, EBONY.comThe Independent Weekly, Ms. Magazine, and RH Reality Check, among other outlets. She consults with reproductive health organizations and foundations, and she is currently at work on two projects: a manuscript about black girls and the law, and a second book about African-Americans and abortion.

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