Alicia Walters

Founder, Echoing Ida

Alicia Walters is the founder of Echoing Ida and leads the program as the Movement Building Director at Forward Together. She began Echoing Ida in 2012 to raise the visibility of Black women’s expertise in the media and our social justice movements. A trained organizer, facilitator, and speaker, Alicia is an expert in the ways society attempts to make Black women invisible as well as the impacts and strategies to address the rampant criminalization of communities of color. Over her 10-year career, Alicia has led coalitions and movement building efforts that center the experiences of women and families of color, authored legislationto prohibit the shackling of pregnant women in California jails and prisons, and co-led and authored the Who Pays research project and report on the family impacts of incarceration. She has been featured on television, radio, and print including CNN, BBC, CBS, NPR, The Washington PostThe Guardian, and, among others. She is a mother who lives and believes in her community of Oakland, California.

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