One COVID-19 Survivor Speaks Out

March 30, 2020

Bonita Applebaum* was living a pretty healthy life. She had recently lost quite a bit of weight, switched to a whole foods diet and was getting good exercise and managing her anxiety with more ease. When she woke up with a scratchy throat on March 10, 2020, she figured it may be a recurrent side effect from her sleep apnea machine (CPAP) and wasn’t too worried. She took her temperature that morning and did not have a fever. Bonita works in the service industry and when she developed a low-grade fever of 99.1 the next day, Bonita called into work. Bonita’s symptoms initially included: low grade fever, sore/scratchy throat and a headache. “By wednesday I didn’t feel good, I stayed home and didn’t have any contact with anyone.” Bonita recalls. By wednesday night she had some sneezing and “a little bit of coughing.”

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