La Ley CROWN de Oregón

La Ley CROWN hace que sea ilegal discriminar a las personas de raza negra que usan trenzas, rizos, espirales (twists), nudos o peinados protectores (incluyendo una envoltura para la cabeza/cabello en el lugar de trabajo y en las escuelas públicas, colegios comunitarios y universidades).

Reproductive Healthcare Success Guide

This resource was developed in close collaboration with community partners, clinicians, and birth workers in Doña Ana, McKinley, and Santa Fe Counties. The guide outlines some of the critical aspects future providers, funders, and other institutions must consider as they begin the process to serve New Mexico communities with respect and dignity.

Crown Act

This piece illustrates the intimacy that comes with hair care and the role it plays in Black American culture. At the focal point of the image is the mother whose hands intricately braid her child’s hair, the grandmother figure stands the tallest and represents ancestral guidance being passed down to younger generations. The action of braiding each other’s hair serves an electric-like current of knowledge and pride. Intergenerational hair care is a form of self-care.

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