Indulgence as Self Love

“Our people often need to focus on making it through the obstacles each day lays in front of them, focusing on surviving in a world not built for those who defy gender roles. But here we are… existing as beautiful and powerful trans and nonbinary people. Let us indulge and let us find pleasure. We deserve it all.” —Amir Khadar

The right to not have a child

“Black mamahood can be magical to some, allowing for healing and joy. Whether you’re bringing another life into the world, or you mother others by being a safe place for them to land, motherhood allows for giving deep care and receiving love and appreciation in ways that haven’t been experienced before.”

The right to own our bodies & control our future

“When I think of bodily autonomy I think about self-belonging— being your own guardian and north star. Venus emerged, fully realized, from the ocean, standing on a clam shell, like the sole architect of her body and spirit.”

“We all deserve the right to navigate our worlds the same way, born from rich vastness with complete personal agency. I hope this image can serve as a reminder of that.”

Crown Act

This piece illustrates the intimacy that comes with hair care and the role it plays in Black American culture. At the focal point of the image is the mother whose hands intricately braid her child’s hair, the grandmother figure stands the tallest and represents ancestral guidance being passed down to younger generations. The action of braiding each other’s hair serves an electric-like current of knowledge and pride. Intergenerational hair care is a form of self-care.

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