Illustration of three trans and non-binary Black parents: a trans woman carrying a child on her back, a transmasculine person proudly holding their pregnant belly, and a gender nonconforming person holding a baby. Artist: Ethan Parker
Artist: Ethan X. Parker

2024: New Year, New Era

January 25, 2024

Not only is it a new year, it’s a new era here at Forward Together.  In 2023, we finalized our strategic plan and imagined our work for the next five years.

We’re starting the year with a reimagined mission and vision, and a recommitment to reproductive justice. This year, as our bodies and communities continue to be targeted by harmful laws and political violence, we return to the founding tenets of reproductive justice as our north star: that all of us deserve the right to control our bodies and our future, to have children, to not have children, and to parent in a safe and healthy environment.

We know we can’t predict the exact conditions of the next five years. The only thing we know for certain is that opportunities and disruptions beyond the scope of our plans will emerge—and demand our attention. We must be available to shape change and harness the power of the unpredictable. For that reason, this strategic plan aims to develop the relationships, knowledge, practices, and infrastructure that lets Forward Together maintain both a proactive and responsive stance. We aim to plan up to 70% capacity, allowing emergent needs and collaborations to become priorities. By committing to a process vs. outcome-oriented stance, we develop the habits we need to transform moments into movements.

Join us in this new era of Forward Together and check out our 5 year strategic plan and Toward Care and Bodily Autonomy: Forward Together’s Cultural Strategy and Movement Building Approach.

In solidarity,

Diana Lugo-Martinez & Wendy Calimag, Co-Executive Directors

Forward Together