Nature is always within us

April 26, 2020

Spring is in full effect here in California, the sun is shining and everyone is antsy to be outside. But at least here in Los Angeles, the parks and beaches and trails are closed for good reason…cause, um, it’s a global fuckin’ pandemic and a lot of people don’t seem to grasp the concept of social distancing. Nonetheless I’m truly missing my mountain meditations, Sunday beach swims and sunsets, and hikes with homies. Nature is how I keep myself grounded, connected and calm. It’s how I reset myself at the end of a long day or long week. Now I have to find other ways to find that peace.

We celebrated Earth Day this week and today is last day of National Park Week, honoring the majesty of the national parks across the United States. As we are homebound, I’ve been watching how happy the animals are: coyotes on the Golden Gate Bridge, bears living their best life in Yosemite. The poppy fields are happy and full now that influencers aren’t trampling them to show off the ‘Gram.

One of my travel goals for the year before COVID-19 hit us was to take more road trips to visit more national parks. I got my United States Park Pass when I visited Joshua Tree National Park in February and was HYPED to use it. I had a few days to explore Joshua Tree and various trails even though it was COLD but figured I could take more drives there when I need to connect to the earth energy.

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