Life’s Unexpected Journeys

January 1, 2013

Without warning your life can turn completely upside down. Since the age of seventeen, I’ve been independent: living outside my mother’s home and learning how to survive and figure things out for myself, which takes a lot of trial and error. A few years ago, I finally found something that I enjoyed doing, something to which I could dedicate all of my effort and passion. Working for five years to support young women who were going through the very things I once had to figure out alone was what kept my faith alive in our judgemental culture and society. Unfortunately, my time to move on from that position came quicker than I expected or wanted.

This shift marked the moment that my life flipped.

Despite having been a single mother of two little girls for the last nine years, I never had to worry about their safety. Following my termination, I was faced with explaining to my girls that it was going to be hard for us for awhile, but we had each other and we would stay strong. We packed up a suitcase with our clothes and boxed everything else to take to our storage unit. We said goodbye to a place that we called our home for so long and the memories we created together as a family.


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