Lack of Support Structures Creates Impossible Decisions

April 4, 2014

Homeless single mother Shanesha Taylor recently became the focus of much media and social networking attention, but Taylor’s story of being arrested, put in jail, and her children being taken away because she left them in her car while she was on a job interview is not an isolated incident. Taylor did what many single mothers around the country do every day: she made a tough decision in an effort to be able to provide her children and herself with the life they deserve and desire.

Everyday, single mothers across the country are forced to make unconventional decisions because of societal structures in place that make it almost impossible for a single mother to thrive.

Homeless shelters across the country are closing at increasing rates, and safety net program like WIC, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and Affordable Housing continue to experience relentless cuts and politically charged threats–with no sign of relief anytime soon. Add to this the fact that mothers are paid less than those who are not mothers which is only further compounded for Black women, who make $0.64 for every dollar a white man makes.


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