Jazmin Urrea Builds Monumental Cheetos Sculpture in South L.A.

October 15, 2019

“It’s like the Stonehenge of Cheetos.”

Tyrone, a community member, uttered this out loud as he stood amidst “Imperishable,” a public art installation boasting 8-foot-tall towers full of the vibrant colored snack food. Families, homeless folks and young people walking through Martin Luther King Jr. Park stop and stare, take photos or ask questions. The artist, Jazmin Urrea, stands on a step ladder putting the final touches on this work, which is part of this year’s Current:LA Food, a triennial celebration featuring art installations in 15 public parks across the city and a month of related programming in nearby community centers. The idea is to make art accessible because of its potency to spark conversations and inspire actions about social justice issues.

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