It’s Crucial To Have Honest & Shame-Free Sex Talks With Your Younger Relatives — This Guide Will Help

May 14, 2018

Having conversations with young people in our lives about relationships and sex can be uncomfortable, weird and stressful, but it’s absolutely necessary. Stereotypes about “spicy” Latinas are extremely pervasive and, as a result, oftentimes our young girls — especially Black Latinas — are treated as purely sexual objects and less like people. To challenge these myths and encourage the sexual health and safety of our young people, discussion is key.

To do this, accurate information, honesty and remaining judgment-free is essential in all conversations that deal with relationships and sex. And considering that millennials and generation X are two of the most open and fluid demographics, it’s also important that these topics aren’t cis and hetero normative. This will ensure that everyone is included in the conversation and receives the necessary information.

To make sex talks with the youth in your life more helpful, shame-free and impactful, here are 10 topics that should be included.

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