I Like My Unruly Eyebrows, Thank You Very Much

May 23, 2016

I’ve never had my eyebrows shaped, plucked, threaded, waxed, filled in, tinted, drawn on, or otherwise groomed.

And I’m okay with that.

More than okay – I’m downright happy with it. It’s other people who seem to have the problem.

Every time I enter a nail salon, overeager operators ask if they can do my brows before I sit down or offer one with my mani-pedi.

I get it: They’re up selling, and I don’t blame them. Brows are big business (up to $122 million annually in products in the United States alone, according to NPD global research group), and the nail industry flourishes on low-wage work.

But one look at my eyebrows, and they assume that’s why I’m there. Because who would want my irregular, peaked brows?


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