I Dream of Healthy Black Futures

February 25, 2017

Healthcare is a human right.

No one should be denied the opportunity to see a doctor because of how much money is in their pocket or where they live.

Our loved ones shouldn’t die from easily curable diseases simply because they can’t afford medicine.

Black lives matter.

Why are these controversial statements? Why are we living under an administration that thinks it is politically expedient to rip away our access to basic healthcare?

Yes, denying people access to healthcare is the perfect way to accomplish your goals if your goals include severely restricting the flow of health resources to marginalized communities and pouring gasoline on the flames of white supremacy; making people of color too sick to earn a living, too sick to learn in school and too sick to raise families. But most of all, keep us too sick to challenge illegitimate authority. That’s exactly what we’re up against.


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