How Muslims are digitally celebrating Ramadan under quarantine and protecting themselves from Zoom-bombers

April 23, 2020

The month of Ramadan is often community-oriented with late-night taraweeh prayers in the masjid (mosque) and iftar get-togethers for breaking one’s fast. But with the ongoing social distancing guidelines in place amid the coronavirus pandemic, Muslims are turning to digital spaces to celebrate Ramadan.

Fasting can zap a lot of your energy so a Ramadan social life often revolves around night events like iftars. Aware that this Ramadan may have some Muslims feeling more isolated than ever, Minneapolis-based Fadumo Osman launched Remote Iftar to pair up groups to share a meal over Zoom.

“One goal for Remote Iftar is to bring us together to not only break bread virtually but to share our thoughts and how we’re feeling in the absence of those conversations happening in the halls of mosques or the home,” Osman told Insider. “This presents a window between personal time and nightly taraweeh prayers to practice community and promote a sense of communal experience.”

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