Here We Are: A Note from Our Founder

November 9, 2016

Truth Tellers—

This election season, mainstream media ignored the perspectives of Black women and nonbinary folks—and here we are today.

For years, Echoing Ida writers have published articles exposing the United States’ systemic racism. The election results left us saddened and outraged, but not confused. We are among many who called out the white supremacy undergirding Trump’s rise to power. Disappointed as we are, the results have only made things clearer. We are emboldened to tell our truths even louder than before.

We will share our reflections here on Keep checking back as we continue to process and lay out the future we seek. If you have a post-election analysis or reflection you’d like to share, please submit it to

In solidarity,

Alicia Walters
Echoing Ida Founder & Movement Building Director, Forward Together