Forecasting An Ancient Future

March 27, 2020

We are in the middle of a global pandemic and we are dreaming.

Across social media, I see conversations about what the world will be “after”. I see mutual aid projects raising thousands in donations. I see people handing out fliers to their neighbors and organizing rent strikes in buildings where organizing may not have been before. I see Black Muslims putting together national coalitions in days. I see theory made practice.

This isn’t to say people weren’t organizing before. Black people been using social media for mutual aid and been getting into our neighborhoods. It also isn’t to say that everyone kept theory from the life they lived and nobody considered the “after”. Hell, I’ve known the after, intimately; the after occupations, the after arrests, the after that signifies your break from the World, even though it carries on. But, what I see reminds me of a conversation I am thrilled to share today.

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