For your kid’s sake, learn to be OK with saying ‘I’m not OK’

April 29, 2015

When I was thousands of feet in the air, I found myself having one of the scariest mental health problems ever. My daughter and I were finally flying back home after six months of traveling around the country.

This time we were flying from California to New York City and although I had been really tired the days leading up to the flight, I ignored all the signs that I needed to be taking better care of myself. When we arrived at the airport, I was mentally and physically exhausted. My body was hot, my head hurt and I was extremely hungry, but I ignored all of it and kept my mind on getting home.

Thirty minutes after departure I woke up out of a nap feeling very dizzy and with extremely blurred vision. Since I am no stranger to blacking out, I rang for the flight attendant and calmly told her I felt like I was going to throw up and pass out. Then darkness.


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