‘Facing Race’ and Moving Towards a Better World

November 19, 2014

This week, many were disheartened to hear of the killing of 37-year old Tanesha Anderson, a Black woman who suffered from bipolar disorder and was fatally slammed into the ground by police when her family called them to help her get treatment. Unfortunately, her death is but one in a chain of violence against and over-policing of the Black community. It is also a symptom of the overarching disease of racial injustice that hurts our families and communities, and ultimately harms our society.  It’s past time for change.

To fight for that change, over 1,600 people of every race, color, and creed (including over 500 people from the African diaspora) gathered together in Dallas, Texas between November 14th – 16th for the biennial Facing Race conference to build awareness of how racism harms society and identify solutions that work to achieve racial justice.  According to Race Forward, the sponsoring organization of Facing Race, racial justice will be achieved when people of all races are treated fairly and have equitable opportunities and outcomes.


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