Episode 9: “Gettin’ Extra Blind Wit’ It!” feat. Thomas Reid

July 27, 2020


Let me tell you about this brother from the Bronx.

Thomas Reid is a blind Advocate and podcasting Maverick. When I found out about Thomas’s podcasts on Twitter, I knew I had to get him on the show. Check it. He’s been an advocate for blind folks for over 10 years now and he knows a thing or two about changing conversations around what disabled folks really go through. Like minds, like hearts, right? Because his words and his vision is so dope. I really wanted to share his perspectives with you.  Reid my mind radio, That’s R-E-I-D for those who don’t know, is where you can find Thomas specifically sharing knowledge and wisdom to people who are new and adjusting to blindness. So we’re going to talk about ableism, We’re going to talk about his journey into adjusting to blindness, We’re going to talk about disability and Black spaces and being Black in disabled spaces and even how we both identify as aliens sometimes. All necessary conversations to have right? I certainly think so. So I hopped on a call with Thomas and here it is…

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