Episode 8: “Our Companion Animals, Our Selves” feat. Kay Ulanday Barrett

April 20, 2020

“This season, I’m going to explore the idea of survival. I think it’s just the right time to start talking about this idea. So many disabled people I know have this concept on their minds for practically all their lives, you know, but since the beginning of the pandemic disabled people have shared their experiences and knowledge and truth that the world online.

So I’m going to be talking about survival… Survival. What does survival actually look like for disabled people of color during this time? What do we need? And what are we currently entitled to that the state does not allow us to have? What has systemic oppression and white supremacy denied us?

And what have we carved out for ourselves?

The season is going to range from dogs, to art and activism, to music and more. This first episode, “Our Companion Animals, Our Selves” is special because it’s a new beginning but it’s even more special because it features my homie, my best friend, Kay Ulanday Barrett and their dog Biggie!! Although we’re going to talk about our lives together, this episode is really focused on their dog because I think our pets have the power to keep us surviving, thriving and breathing our next breath as we stroke and cuddle and dance in quarantine with our beloveds.”

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