Black Bodies Will Not Be Your Platform, Jameela Jamil

November 19, 2019

As a black woman, I’m still learning to love my big tits, thick thighs, and heavy hips—but what I do know about my body is that it isn’t the literal or figurative platform for anyone’s agenda but my own.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to some essential conversation on Black Twitter about eating disorders and body dysmorphia, and while it was affirming and healing for the younger me, I was confused by what prompted the discussion. After scrolling for a brief second, I was able to see the source of the discussion: The night prior, there had been a viral attack on Chicago rapper CupcakKe led by British, South Asian feminist and activist Jameela Jamil, star of NBC show The Good Place and founder of the body positive movement ‘I Weigh.’ Jameela, along with an army of white minions, chastised CupcakKe for posting the results of monthlong water fast, naming the post an irresponsible promotion for eating disorders and a danger for the young girls that follow her.

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