Birth of a Black Feminist Podcast

October 26, 2016

Last Friday, a dynamic duo of petty Black feminists “popped their trunks” and shared with the world The Black Joy Mixtape. Hosted by the High Priestess of Black Joy, Amber J. Phillips, and the King of da South, Jazmine Walker,  The Black Joy Mixtape is a new podcast full of laughs, information, and Black feminist perspectives.

In their inaugural episode titled “Birth of a Black Feminist”, they discuss Jazmine Sullivan’s Facebook eulogy to gospel singer Thomas “TC” Clay, Issa Rae’s new HBO show Insecure, and the controversy of Nate Parker and Birth of a Nation. Last week Amber was a guest on Roland Martin’s News One Now. She recapped what happened leading up to her appearance on the show and what she believes is at the heart of the pushback against Nate Parker and his film.


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