Being a teen mom in the ‘mom club’

December 19, 2014

Motherhood can seem like a very lonely journey, but when societal stigma and shame about your maternal age are prevalent, it can be even more isolating.
Like most mothers, after having my daughter I was longing for a community of mom friends I could spend time with and talk with about things pertaining to motherhood (and things that had nothing to do with parenting).

I had all the makings of a mother. I had the child, bags under my eyes from lack of sleep and a diaper bag full of extra clothing, diapers and snacks. The only thing that seemed to keep me out of the “mom club” was the fact that I was 16 years old and had a child.

When I would try to interact with and join mom groups as a teenage mother, I was always met with hostility, interrogative questions and assumptions about my family and the “type of girl” I was.


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