At Sneakertopia Artist Man One Pays Homage to Nipsey Hussle

November 20, 2019

 Angeles has apparently become the unofficial capital of pop-ups, those Instagrammable art exhibitions dedicated to a specific aspect of pop culture like ice cream, selfies or weed. Sneakertopia, an interactive ode to sneaker culture and street art, is one of the latest to er, pop up, taking over a former retail space in Playa Vista.

The organizers tapped artists from around the country including Adam Fu, Smoluk, Ben Fearnley, David Kaul, Jade Ramey, McFlyy, Mimi Yoon, Ricardo Gonzalez, Ron Bass and Sophie Mazzaro to create installations celebrating sneaker culture’s impact on sports and entertainment. At Sneakertopia you can pose in a throne next to a larger-than-life purple and gold mural of LeBron, “ride” hoverboards a la “Back to the Future” and even purchase a pair of Kobe’s old kicks — if you’ve got money to burn.

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