Close up portrait of happy young woman, Casa Alto Vidigal, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ain’t We Femme?

March 18, 2015

This post is dedicated to all of the femmes!

When I was a child, Easter was my favorite time of year. Every year, my mom always got me an Easter basket full of goodies. At church, we got to recite our Easter speeches in front of the whole congregation. And after the sermon, they would host an Easter egg hunt for the young folks. They even had a golden egg with money inside.

While all of those things were fun, the best part for me was finding my Easter dress. If you look at photos of me as a little one, more often than not, my mom would have me decked out in frills, bows, and lace. And Easter was no different. I always picked out the prettiest pink dress that I could find. Then I would continue the search to find matching socks and shoes to tie the whole ensemble together. I have so many happy memories as a kid going through the racks of church dresses to find the one I loved the most. I like to think that I was a baby femme in training.


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