All the things you should bring to the Women’s March on Washington

January 18, 2017

I read an article today that made me raise my eyebrows, because it seemed to only to talk people who could afford to spend $1,000 prepping for the Women’s March. While it claimed to have “everything” you needed, in my experience I found that it was lacking some good stuff. I have attended over 25 marches, rallies etc, since I started organizing in college. Too many of them have taken place in the winter, and every time I wish I would have brought something else. I’ve created a list of things that I’ve found helpful to bring or that I think are super cool to bring along for any type of march situation. This guide is for folks need a packing list (like me), people who are new to direct action organizing, and are marching for an issue they care about for the first time. So here’s what you should bring:


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Feature image by Micah Bazant