Forward Together

So all families can thrive.

About Echoing Ida

There’s something missing from the media – us.

As Black women, we need media that helps us make sense of our world and movements that help us change it. Yet those asked to speak for us rarely reflect our range of experiences.

So we are speaking for ourselves.

Echoing Ida is home to thought leaders and skilled communicators for social change. We tell the real stories – and untangle the real problems – of our families and communities.

Are you a truth teller? Join us!

Our story

Alicia Walters began Echoing Ida in 2012 to position Black women in media as the experts they are. Created with the visionary support of Forward Together, Echoing Ida develops Black women change makers into go-to thought leaders.

Who we are

Echoing Ida writers (or Idas) are change makers.

We provide effective and trusted analysis on issues impacting our communities. We represent Black womanhood in all its diversity. We are trans, cis and gender nonconforming. We are mothers, teachers, organizers, policy advocates, caregivers, aunties, neighbors, immigrants, and voters. We’re a growing network of writers, editors, media professionals, organizers, and policy advocates.

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