Strong Families Policy Criteria


Strong Families seeks to change public policy so that all families can thrive.

Our families are constantly evolving through birth, death, growth and separation. Our families are defined by our communities and reflect our values, culture and experiences. At Strong Families, we equally recognize and support families of all shapes, sizes and ages; biological and chosen; living in one household, many households, and across national borders; documented, undocumented or mixed; with children and without. And we believe that to create the society we seek, public policy needs catch up to how families really exist.

Strong Families assesses policies and bills based on their potential to support families in thriving. We support policies that:

  • Recognize and support families of all formations.
  • Promote equitable outcomes for all families.
  • Expand government programs and services that support family wellbeing and the wellbeing of individuals within families.
  • Remove barriers that harm families in accessing government programs and services.
  • Protect families, and the individuals that comprise them, against discrimination, profiling and harassment.

To see how our Strong Families policy criteria works in action, check out the Strong Families New Mexico Report Card.