Send a Message: Immigrants Are Welcome Here

May 26, 2018

It’s been one year since an armed white supremacist assailed two young women of color with anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant slurs on Portland’s public transit system.

When three people stepped in to de-escalate the situation and defend the young women, the attacker stabbed them—killing two of them and injuring a third victim.

As we mark the anniversary of this horrific attack, our love and support of immigrant communities must be more visible than their racism and hate.

This heartbreaking event did not happen in isolation.

Emboldened by a wave of anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies at the federal level, many white supremacists and hate groups are actively organizing across the country. They are marching publicly, promoting local and state level policies and targeting immigrant communities.

At Forward Together, we believe that art is an important part of our resistance. It can create a more welcoming environment. It can push back against the daily drip of hateful messages. It can inspire. That’s why Forward Together created this image of Isidro and Renee, real Oregonians who were racially profiled by ICE this year at a Washington County courthouse.

This image reminds us — and our immigrant friends, family and neighbors — that Oregon is our home, and we all belong here. Will you order a free sticker and be part of sending that message?

Help us build One Oregon by showing up for — and celebrating — our immigrant communities.