Femifesting Reproductive Liberation

Collective Visioning Poetry Tool

An exquisite corpse is a collaborative poem created one line at a time and this tool was created as part of a cultural strategy for Trans Day of Resilience by Kemi, Prerna and Amy. This is a simplified version for the Unlearning session about the Femifesto for Reproductive Liberation. Please put in your own visions as line of poetry starting with "Reproductive Liberation is..."

Reproductive Liberation is…

  • love without policing, rooted in safety
  • The pure bliss from a bite of one of my grandmas fresh sopapillas, still hot, pillowy soft, and drizzled with gooey honey.
  • the sound of kids giggling with their elders (of which there are many) after conflict. No hitting. No time out. Giggles.
  • Reproductive Liberation, it is the root to all freedom struggles,
  • Invite fire back to heal the land

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