Forward Together unites organizations and activists across Oregon to build strong communities and create policies that work for our families.

Our power-building team in Oregon is a state-based program that builds leadership through policy change and culture shift campaigns. We are working to ensure that all families have the rights, recognition and resources they need to thrive.

The Crown Act - A Victory for Black Women In Oregon

In 2021, Black leaders across Oregon advocated to pass the CROWN Act — so that it’s no longer legal to police Black hair in schools or at workplaces. Whether it was testifying, lobbying, or calling on community members to urge legislators to vote yes on the CROWN Act, our leaders fought to win this victory and ensure Black students and workers have protections for wearing natural & protective hairstyles to school and work.


Check out this Know Your Rights Guide for Black students and families to learn more about how to utilize the CROWN Act protection at your school – and download this beautiful piece of art co-created by our leaders and artist, Paola De La Cruz!

Artist: Paola De La Cruz


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Join us as we work to achieve Birth Justice in Oregon!

We’re working to create an Oregon where the birthing person is the most powerful person in the room. Join us as we move into 2022 with the Birth Justice Committee and our partners to organize together!

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La Ley CROWN de Oregón

La Ley CROWN hace que sea ilegal discriminar a las personas de raza negra que usan trenzas, rizos, espirales (twists), nudos o peinados protectores (incluyendo una envoltura para la cabeza/cabello en el lugar de trabajo y en las escuelas...

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The Oregon CROWN Act

This two-page document explains how the Crown Act protects Black Oregonians from hair discrimination at school and in the workplace.

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Crown Act

This piece illustrates the intimacy that comes with hair care and the role it plays in Black American culture. At the focal point of the image is the mother whose hands intricately braid her child’s hair, the grandmother figure...

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¿Quién es quién? En la política de Oregón 2020

Las elecciones son importantes porque los políticos crean leyes que ayudan o perjudican a nuestras familias. Ya sea que se trate de gentrificación, violencia policial o la lucha continua por los derechos de los inmigrantes, los líderes...

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Who’s Who? in Oregon Politics

Elections matter because politicians create laws that help or hurt our families. The policies that shaped Oregon—theft of Native lands, our formation as a whites-only state, and laws discriminating against non-white immigrants—continue today. Whether it’s gentrification, police...

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Oregon 2020 Census Guide

By participating in the Census, we can help Oregon families get the healthcare, housing, schools and other services we need to thrive. Use this guide to learn how the Census affects your community and why you should take it.

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