Image: Echoing Ida

Our Programs

Photo: Eveline Obamos
Artist: Mojuicy

Art As Power

At Forward Together, we believe that art is integral to social change. Art and culture are not just accessories to organizing, they are the blood and fire of our movements. They sustain us and allow us to not only imagine, but to feel the world we are building together.

Photo: Eveline Obamos

Echoing Ida Archive

Echoing Ida has been a community of Black women and non-binary writers for social change, since its founding in 2012 by Alicia Walters. We have created media to amplify our truths and our visions for a better world.

Artist: Melanie Cervantes

State & National Action

We believe every person should have health, safety and self-determination in every aspect of their lives. We take a state-based approach to building power for our families, working in New Mexico and Oregon and partnering closely with groups in Virginia, Georgia and Colorado.

Artist: Verónica Bayetti Flores

Stepping Into Power

Stepping Into Power is a year-long movement-building fellowship, supporting leaders in Forward Together’s Strong Families Network. Participants deepen community with one another and gain transformative skills as individuals, within organizations and to lead movements.