Proud Partners

August 5, 2019

It is a joy and privilege to be able to use my skills and efforts to support Forward Together’s mission. Working with Forward Together has been a heartful antidote in this toxic moment when so much is at stake for our communities and our democracy: Forward Together builds up and lifts up and lights up issues and stories that really matter, and they do so with joy, courage, and curiosity. Being in their orbit, I know more deeply that I matter, my work matters, and together, we do make a difference!

I started working with Forward Together in 2015. The project was Future Forward, which was an innovation challenge, to try to think differently about resource generation for Forward Together and the field generally. I got to know Evelyn and Moira, and then Moira pulled me into do some design work after Micah was shifting their role. Since then, I’ve designed 100s of graphics, videos and designs that Forward Together has used to shift narratives and cultures.

I’m so proud of our work together, from the brand refresh to civic engagement tools, but what touches me most deeply in my work with Forward Together is how we support and cultivate the leadership of women of color, people of color, trans and gender-non-conforming folks. What it means for these leaders to feel centered and seen through programs like Stepping Into Power and Strong Families New Mexico is transformative: In these spaces, they can celebrate their courage, be vulnerable and truly feel they are not alone in this fight.

For many, it may seem like the time is suddenly ripe to act up, but Forward Together has been leading this charge for 30 years. The values they represent and the work they do is necessary now as ever. We would do well to listen and join in.

Amy Wu
Design Consultant and Partner